Mission & Vision

MIssion and vision

The GMHL has been referred to often as a "second-chance" league for Jr. "A" and Jr. "B" players who find themselves on the outside looking in at an NCAA or CIS roster spot. While it is true that many overage players use the GMHL as a springboard to a seat at an academic institution, there are also a number of options available to younger players.

The Ravens operate as a player first team that is committed to development, winning and doing right by the guys on our roster. With the exception of disciplinary issues, we WILL NOT CUT OR TRADE the players who are committed for the season unless team improvement opportunities are presented moving the team towards the chase of the Russell Cup. Players can get comfortable knowing that their roster spot, scenery and opportunity to develop will be granted as we strongly believe that bouncing from team, to team, to team - as occasionally happens to many Junior Hockey players - is detrimental to players, families and overall success. We maintain open dialogue with our players all the way up to the General Manager to make sure that players have the chance to be heard so issues can be resolved quickly and opportunities of avenues continue being fostered towards development and continuous growth of your hockey skills allowing other door opening opportunities to happen in your hockey career.

As an organization, we are proud of the success that players of all ages have had as a part of the Ravens. In addition to sending 16 year old players to the All-Star game and OHL / QMJHL training camps, the team has passed players on to the GOJHL and OJHL and assisted veteran players finding spots in the NCAA / CIS. Our organization is proud to have aligned players to a higher level such as German and Swedish pro teams with success.

We strongly encourage players to explore all of their hockey options and find the best landing spot. Please contact our General Manager to discuss where you might fit with the organization.