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September 24, 2020
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Six OJHL Team Training Camps Stopped By Covid-19 1 day ago Admin Weak links. The number one weak link in the return to playing hockey is interaction with the public. Billet families, fans, and anyone on the street could be an A-symptomatic COVID-19 carrier. The second weakest link are the players and staff. When players and staff interact with the public they run the risk of infecting everyone else. The players of six OJHL teams took things upon themselves to go out and party the other night. Yes, like teenage idiots, they went to parties and are now COVID-19 positive. Players have now put the whole return to play plan of the OJHL and possibly all of Ontario at risk because of their stupidity. It is a simple thing to control yourself. It is a simple thing to wear a mask and social distance in order to have a hockey season. Going out and partying and exposing yourself and your teammates, coaches and billet family is the most selfish and thoughtless behaviour any junior hockey player can have. Selfish, and downright stupid. When the world of junior hockey is trying to return to play its idiots like this that risk everything for everyone. Each one of these players should now be removed from their team and suspended for the season in my opinion.